The music entertainment industry, like many other industries, has a cyclical nature to it. Winter and early spring are typically slower times for live music shows.

Raising Cain, like many bands similar to us, primarily performs as a corporate party band and a live wedding band. And there just aren’t as many corporate parties and weddings in the winter.

But as summer approaches, get ready for fun live music! It’s a great time to check out a band you’re considering for one of your events. Raising Cain and many other bands play summer concert events and a handful of club dates in the late spring and throughout the summer. Think of warm days, long nights, summer festivals, beach balls, concerts in the park with lawn chairs…and great live music! Music is as much a part of summer as baseball!

Note, private event bands aren’t likely to be an abundance of public shows in the summer because many ofthese types of bands are busy during these same months providing live music for weddings. Some bands like Raising Cain also provide private party entertainment during the summer.  But most bands have at least a smattering of live public concerts and shows during the summer.

Here’s some insider insight into how ultra-pro bands work, and the dilemma that many would-be customers face: Because these types of bands primarily play corporate event music and wedding music, most of their events are private in nature. It’s very difficult to get in to see a band at a private event. Often the hosts of such events are understandably interested in maintaining the private nature of their soiree. What does all this mean? Basically there may not be many chances to see your favorite wedding bands and corporate party bands in public. So please, take advantage of the opportunities there are!

For 2019, Raising Cain has a number of public shows between May through August. Check out our Calendar page on our website, for dates!