Have you ever seen a fantastic live wedding band, or a phenomenal corporate event band?  Though many bands work in these arenas, very few reach the truly spectacular level where everyone in attendance says, “Wow!”

The truth is, some bands just have that “X” factor.  You know they’re great, but you can’t quite put your finger on why. 

In reality, amazing live music shows are not commonplace.  The bands that really hit it out of the park at events do LOTS of things right.  Raising Cain is going to break it down, here, and look at some of them:

Chances are, if a band really dazzled you, they were doing one or more of these X factor items.  Raising Cain uses ALL of them at their events.  Combined together, these strategies and unique skills are a sure-fire way to create magical, perfect shows:

1. Covering hit songs that appeal to EVERYONE.  Maybe the last event band you heard looked like they’d been performing since the 1960s, and that’s the last time they learned a new song!  Not great.  Alternatively, maybe you heard a band that looked like they just learned to drive and they played nothing but new and current hits.  Maybe some younger guests were digging it, but no one under the age of 30 was dancing.  That’s not good, either.

It’s very hard to find a band that can appeal to ALL ages and all music tastes. Bands are usually one or the other, in the above paragraph. But bands like Raising Cain have that magical ability to connect with everyone. Though the band has been at it since 2001, and has all the learning and experience under its collective belt, most of Raising Cain’s musicians are younger artists, between the ages of 25 and 35. So Raising Cain has been able to maintain its appeal and freshness, like few bands have. If you and your colleagues and friends are young, you’re going to love Raising Cain, because we play tons of new, current hits. If you’re somewhere between 35 and 60, you also will love Raising Cain. Because we have all kinds of 90s music, 80s hits, and classic rock that has stayed in the repertoire of the band. And we flat out crush it on those genres, too. If you’re between 60 and 80, you’ll love Raising Cain, too, because we always bust out a few oldies that all people seem to love!

Regardless of the style you’re looking for in a live band, RC can do it! We play current hits, 90s, 80s, classic rock, country, Motown classics, oldies, and jazz standards and Sinatra-type tunes as background music during dinner/cocktail hours. Furthermore, we invite our clients to select/de-select among those styles so that we play a custom live music performance for their event – one that consists of THEIR favorites styles!