Congratulations! You’ve made the excellent choice to have a live band at your wedding! Some couples then start thinking about song choices for their wedding. And occasionally, this can seem like a big project. In this blog we’ll offer some helpful tips.

First, don’t stress! If you’ve chosen a band, there’s a pretty good chance you already like what they play. Good bands don’t play “duds.” Their repertoire consists of great hit songs that people know and love to dance to. (Otherwise they wouldn’t be a very popular or successful wedding band!)

But most wedding bands like Raising Cain can definitely shade their set lists in particular directions to match the type of music wedding customers love. We love to hear what people like!

While thinking about the songs for your wedding, here are some things to consider:

Dance music: Keep in mind that at most weddings, there are three generations of people present – the couple getting married and all their friends, the parents and their friends, and the grandparents. And often there are guests from different parts of the U.S., and sometimes even other countries. The best weddings are those where everyone, regardless of age or what part of the country they’re from, can get out on the dance floor and bust some moves!

So when thinking about music for your wedding, be sure to keep in mind all your guests, not just one subset of them. Consider asking your band to play a wide variety of hits from multiple decades, so ALL your guests will rave about what a great wedding you had!

Ceremony music: Do you want to go with more of classical music feel? Many of the timeless, amazing ceremony music pieces are from the classical genre. The Pachelbel Canon in D, Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, etc. are timeless classics that remain popular today because….well, they’re great pieces of music! And while rare, some bands like Raising Cain have musicians who have expertise in classical music too, in addition to pop/rock dance music.

Other couples choose to go with more contemporary, modern music for their ceremony. That’s great, too! And if you’re lucky, your ceremony musicians will be able to play both classical and contemporary ceremony music. This is the case with Raising Cain’s ceremony musicians.

The bottom line is, if you hire a good wedding band, it’s very likely that you’re going to have a great wedding, no matter what!