Skilled event bands can provide a whole lot more than just great music!  These are a few of the additional areas in which a good live band can contribute value-added elements, to make for a great event:

Event emceeing (MC’ing).  Good event bands are more than capable of emceeing.  This is a standard duty for highly professional bands.  It’s something we’re asked to do on nearly every event.  A good corporate event band and/or wedding band will do extensive collaborating with their clients, months prior to the event, in order to confer on the timetable.

Then, the band will prepare an event sheet that they’ll bring to the event.  This serves as their “road map” for the evening – it contains a timetable, list of names of speakers and people giving toasts, and any notes pertaining to introductions the band will be asked to do.  Good event bands will actually do dress rehearsals for the event in which they run not only the songs, but also all the emcee duties.  This all makes for very smooth, well-executed, professional events!

Recorded music during breaks.  Even though bands are performing live music, good corporate event or wedding bands will put on recorded music (DJ style) during the few breaks they take.

Planning assistance on timeline/flow. Some bands – Raising Cain is one – have extensive skills in planning. In our case, we’re often involved in all “phases” of weddings (ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dancing) because we’re providing live music for each part.  Ditto for corporate event entertainment: we’ll often provide live music for the cocktail hour prior to the main event.  Bands that regularly do this tend to acquire and cultivate a keen sense of what works, in terms of timelines, flow, length of time for each part, transitions, etc. So good bands can also represent a significant resource, in terms of event planning assistance!

Recommendations:  Highly experienced bands that are familiar with the industry can also recommend great service providers in other areas (venues, photographers, caterers, florists, etc.)

So as you can see, good bands can be a significant additive element to your event – in areas way beyond just music! See why our past clients agree!