Raising Cain: The Music


Raising Cain is one the nation’s leading “all-styles” live bands.

Since 2001, we’ve earned a stellar reputation for spot-on, amazing covers of many different types of live music. We excel in these areas:

Current Pop/Rock Cover Band

Top 40 Cover Band

90s Hits

80s Band

Classic Rock Cover Band

Country Cover Band

Motown Cover Band



Jazz Standards/Sinatra Type Tunes

As a live band, we focus on variety, because people seeking corporate entertainment and/or wedding bands want all their guests to enjoy the music, and get up and dance! Most large groups of people have widely varying music tastes. So make sure there’s something for everybody, by hiring a great variety band! All-around music is also generally your best corporate entertainment option, for the same reasons.

Take a second to check out our music DEMOS below,

(we think you’ll really enjoy them)!

Live Video:

This is a super fun, quick video montage featuring bits of live performances – a mash up of five different live music performances!  In just under 3 minutes, this video demo gives you a very good idea of what a live performance by Raising Cain is like!

Are you ready to Raise some Cain?

Studio Audio Demos:


In addition to being a high energy wedding band and corporate event band, Raising Cain also spends time in the recording studio!
Enjoy some studio cuts, below! They’re presented in groupings, as:
A. Dance music
B. Cocktail Hour music
C. Classical music

A. Dance music – audio demos: (individual mp3 icons displayed, with player buttons)

1. Don’t Stop Believing:
The classic Journey tune. Our lead singer is known for being able to make his voice sound like anyone. We’ve actually had people think this was the original Journey version! Nope, it’s us! Enjoy –

2. I’m Yours:
A really fun Jason Mraz song, with a hint of Caribbean Island beat.

3. Tell Me ‘Bout It:
A fun excursion into funk, on this Joss Stone tune. Features female vocals.

4. Who Says You Can’t Go Home:
This country/rock duo was originally done by Jon Bon Jovi and Jennifer Nettles. Enjoy our cover of it!

5. Zoot Suit Riot:
Put on that ol’ chartreuse zoot suit! It’s time to swing, on our cover of a great CP Daddies tune.

 B. Cocktail hour music – audio demos:

1. Piano soloist playing jazz standards, Sinatra type tunes.  

2. Guitar soloist playing acoustic folk/blues type material.

C. Classical music for ceremonies – audio demo:

1. String ensemble playing Bach’s Minuet in G. 

View our entire song list: